• It is recommended to purchase disposable cups and dishes locally and include them in your shipment, not to rely on buying them where the exhibition will be held. You know where the best deals are at home, not so in a foreign country where you will inevitably pay more. Our customers tell us of buying 10 disposable cups near the exhibition for the same price as a sleeve of 100 cups in their usual supermarket at home…..

• Extension cords and power strips….. No matter how many outlets are put in your booth, somehow you always seem to find yourself running to look for where you can buy an extension cord or power strip on the morning of the show……

• Storage: With short exhibitions, take into consideration that storage areas will likely be used for holding the representatives’ luggage, and usually, the amount of space needed is less than the capacity available. Plan your needs and storage spaces well, making sure you have allocated enough space to hold everything that you will need to put away.

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